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Improving Access to Primary Education

The range of ages at which Liberian children enter primary school makes it hard to look at primary education for the age-group (6-11) for which the six grades of primary schooling are intended. A large majority of six year old Liberian children who should be entering grade one of primary school are still in pre-school education.

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Education for Liberian girls

In part, at least, girls suffer because of economic and cultural factors built around the fact that males become the heads of the families – not just in African culture – so parents think it wiser to invest more heavily in boys’ educations so that they will help secure the future for their own wives and children.

IFBA aims to provide equal and quality opportunities for girls to enroll in school, stay in school and provide post secondary access for more girls.

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Extra-Curricular activities for students

IFBA and its partner schools are working to create extra-curricular activities to foster a bond among students, give them something productive to do after school hours and to give them the opportunity to try new things and challenge themselves.

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One of the challenges facing students in Liberia and Sub-Sahara Africa is the lack of transportation to and from school. IFBA positions itself to look for creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenge.

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