Our Vision

Changing Africa Through Education.

Initiative For a Better Africa is a non-profit organization founded to take a unique approach to battle illiteracy, poverty, hunger, corruption and diseases throughout Africa. Here at IFBA, we believe that teaching a child things that they can apply to their everyday life in order to better themselves goes a long way .

Our founders are young Africans who were born and raised in Africa. They understand the struggle of the day to day life of a child living in Africa and are committed to changing the status quo. They believe that educating the youth of Africa, building schools and community centers in which learning can be encouraged, promoted and shared is what will bring ease to the suffering of Africa.

Our goal is to deliver school supplies, books, and literary resources to local schools across African countries so that children can have access to the depths of knowledge available in order to make a difference in their communities. Our vision is to build S.T.E.M schools across Africa so that they can adequately support innovative and creative learning that will lead young children to want to improve their communities through technological advances to build a better and smarter Africa, an Africa where governments are held accountable, where the public is educated and a place where learning is encouraged and innovation is fostered.

Teaching the youth of today how to build adequate societies that will prosper for eternity is the end goal for our organization, and it starts right now.


Victor Sikeley

CEO | Initiative For a Better Africa