The fight to end illiteracy and poverty in Liberia starts with all of our partners and sponsors. Here are the campaigns and initiatives that IFBA is leading.

Don't have money to give? That's not an issue. There is more than one way to contribute and help. You can sponsor any of our campaigns by volunteering, donating resources and materials to further our cause or start a fundraiser. It is easy to be a sponsor. Click on any of the links below to become a sponsor for that campaign.


Read, Learn, Grow

When children read books, they acquire nearly all of the language skills many people in society are concerned about. They will become adequate readers, acquire a large vocabulary, develop the ability to understand and use complex grammatical constructions, develop a good writing style, and become good spellers. Our mission is to improve reading skills among students in local Liberian schools by supplying them with books to read; something that most children and students in Liberia don’t have access to.


Out of the Kitchen, into the classroom

63% of Liberian girls between the age of 15 and 24 are illiterate. There is a greater chance of a Liberian girl being married before the age of 18 than there is of her being able to read. 63% of school aged girls are out of school, and even when girls graduate, they do so only half as literate as boys of the same age. Educating girls changes the social and economic outlook of families, communities and countries. According to A World at School, when a girl stays in school, national birth rates lower, maternal and infant mortality decreases, and rates of child marriage are lowered. IFBA has a mission to end illiteracy among girls by providing scholarships and creating programs at our local schools to get more girls in school.


School Supplies

Public schools in Liberia comes with a cost. Parents must pay school fees before their children can attend school. Most parents in Liberia who send their children to school often have just enough money to pay for tuition. The money runs out after that and as a result many students do not have school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, backpacks etc. IFBA runs annual school supply drives and accept donations of/for school supplies to help support these students. Going to school has a lot of barriers for Liberian students, this is our way of taking away some of the barriers they face.


Building and renovations

Learning is challenging and difficult when schools are run down and falling apart. A majority of Liberian schools are in poor conditions and it hinders the ability for students to focus. Some schools have holes in the ceiling and when it rains, the water gets into the classrooms making it harder for teachers to teach and students to learn. IFBA is driven to renovate these schools and to build new additions to schools such as libraries, bathrooms, cafeterias etc. We want to give students the best facilities to learn in.