What makes us different from every other great change organization?

An important question we at IFBA often come across is why and how is IFBA a different organization? Stemming from its creation, the kind of members it has, and its end goal, IFBA hopes to build a sustainable bridge towards a better future.

IFBA was founded by young African refugees who made it out and into American schools and have long since been dedicated to improving conditions in Africa. They aspire to provide young Africans with opportunities they never had as children in Africa. Being students ourselves, IFBA members have a unique opportunity to better connect with younger students. Our individual perspectives and backgrounds allow us to instill the things we’ve learned towards creating a more receptive educational space. 

We want to improve student education in Africa by supplying school supplies, training and developing teachers, building modern educational infrastructures, supporting education for girls and students with disabilities, and achieving tuition-free education for all students in our partner schools. 

IFBA not only hopes to connect our partner schools in Africa with proper resources but to actually change the narrative towards education. IFBA believes in the importance of advocating for girls and women into the STEM field in a place where they have fewer opportunities. IFBA also realizes the need to provide free schooling for all students because education is not a privilege, it is a right. IFBA hopes to use these motivations to develop a sustainable educational future to give all students an equal chance to succeed. IFBA members have all realized the benefits of their education. We understand that education is the foundation for achievement and this is why we will do our best to promote it.